I think it all comes down to trust. I want to share all of the things I love with my followers, clients, etc. It comes from an authentic place. These really are the restaurants I go to and small businesses that I love and want to support. That is what builds trust for a brand. I think in being genuine and authentic, my business has grown in an organic way. And, when you support your community, your community will support you. It all comes full circle.
— Barrett Prendergast, Founder of Valleybrink Road (@valleybrinkroad)


What We Do

Welcome to CDP SOCIAL.

Now more than ever it is critical that small businesses establish a strong presence on social media platforms. It's an effective, and often creative, way to engage with your community and customers. But sometimes that takes time and effort that you just don't have as a small business owner. CDP SOCIAL makes sure your accounts are curated to reflect your brand, your business, and your place in the local community.  We achieve this by building a unique personality directly inspired by you, the small business owner. This allows customers to experience your business in a more relatable and engaging way.

You need time to build your business, let CDP SOCIAL build your brand.