CDP SOCIAL has added a creative refresh to my Facebook & Instagram platforms. I am now interacting more with my community, and in turn my new and old followers are loving the change.
— Deb Flye, Owner

Courtney has been great support to me and my business. At each meeting she provides me with new ideas about how to make my social media platforms stand out. I am very busy with my business so her energy and creative approach is welcomed and appreciated!
— David Saalsaa, Art Installer

Courtney is a fantastic social media manager! She understands my personality, audience and my business to capture impressions and grow my business. What drew me to her work was her creative eye for the unique, ability to know all the current happenings around town and her sense of humor. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to get to the next level in your social media presence.
— Christina Ellermeyer, Coldwell Banker Realtor