What do you do?

I love networking. I love finding people on Instagram who do cool things, things that inspire me, and even things that I want to be doing. Since I am an extrovert and whatever corresponding Enneagram number comes with that descriptor, I often DM these people to learn more about them, their craft and their business. All our time is spent on our phones, so for me it’s super important to actually connect with people IRL — in real life. Often these DM introductions turn into coffee dates, and sometimes even partnerships. In fact, I am headed to LA in a couple weeks for a meeting, and also a few coffee dates with some women business owners I’ve connected with on social. Also, if you know of someone I should meet up with while down there — let me know!

One of my favorite parts about connecting with people is to use my network and expertise to assist them. Whether that is connecting a great interior photographer to a home stager, or notifying an interior designer I know about a young designer who is on the job hunt. It’s so easy to do! And it’s mutually beneficial too. I have the opportunity to learn about all these different people, and then I search my network Rolodex to see if I can return the favor.

Networking via social media platforms is imperative as a business owner. It’s taking your engagement one step further, and it’s such a great step. You can build partnerships, collaborations, resources, clients and customers this way. Yes, time is rare and you have a long to-do list. But I say, add this to the top. Check out some fellow business owners you admire, and ask them to coffee or just send them a DM introducing yourself. And if you need help staying on track with your engagement, give me a call. I’d love to help!

So what does this have to do with my recent mini-vacation? Well no surprise here, while in the Santa Cruz area, I met some new business owners, connected with them on social, and in turn have created some great relationships. As you may or may not know, CDP SOCIAL Instagram/Facebook is where I share my favorite small businesses, along with snapshots I take and business updates. After our recent trip, I have a lot to share on the feed, and here (see below!). I hope you enjoy it. And maybe it’ll inspire a trip to the beach, or a new IRL connection.