Just *Bleep* Do It

Back in February, I participated in a CreativeMorning Sacramento 30 second pitch at the well-attended Corri Chadwick talk about race and privilege. There were 5 ‘pitchers’ including me, and we had 30 seconds (timer was on hand) to pitch our businesses, our causes, and/or our missions. I was the last to go. While it was only 30 seconds, I was still on a stage pitching my newly founded business, CDP SOCIAL, to Sacramento’s movers and shakers.

About a month before Corri’s talk, I chatted with CM Sacramento’s host Rebecca Plumb about volunteer opportunities. Before I knew it, she was encouraging me to sign up for the 30 second pitch. In her words: it’s just 30 seconds, just f*ing do it. So, I signed up online and about a week later I was confirmed as one of the ‘pitchers.’

I polled a few of my trusty friends/mentors on what I should say and equally important, what I should wear. Yes, I schedule a lot of 1:1 meetings to pitch my business and how I can help small business owners. But to do this on a stage, even just for 30 seconds, was new (scary) territory for me. And yet, even with my nerves flying high, it was very exciting! How often are you given the opportunity to talk about the business you’ve worked so hard on in front of 100+ people? It was the ultimate elevator pitch.

On the morning of my pitch, Rebecca (who unknowingly is now on that list of ‘friends/mentors’) was standing next to me as I waited my turn. I rambled to her about how I may trip walking up the steps and she said that magic little phrase again: just f*ing do it. She was so right. It WAS only 30 seconds and I nailed it.

In two weeks, I will be presenting to the Sacramento Realtor Association about the importance of consistent social media presence for small businesses. But this time, I have 15 minutes minutes to fill. Insert crumbling face emoji. I’m nervous, but I know I can do it.

I still have two weeks left to prepare my talking points, and raid my closet. Until then, you better believe I will be repeating my new mantra: just f*ing do it.